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Satellites is a side project. Josh selected works from all his projects so far - including blowing the dust off some long-lost unreleased material - and arranged them all for piano. The thirteen tracks were then recorded on Steinway Model B grand piano. 
This unique selection of tracks gives an overview of how all the projects have slotted together over Joshua’s career to date. A booklet of sleeve notes detailing the stories behind the music is included, all packaged with photography by Elly Lucas. 

Track Listing:
01| The Enchanted Wood
02| Spira, Spera
03| Skylark & The Oak
04| Cold, Haily, Windy Night
05| Powehi
06| Dance of the Pixies
07| Smuggler’s Tale
08| Erlking
09| High Germany
10| Condor Keep
11| Miracle Trees
12| Roads Go Ever On
13| Curtain Call