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"Outstanding" - Folk Radio UK

"This album surprises, challenges, and rewards ... Labels don't help with Burnell's music: just listen." - EDS Magazine

"It's a stallar experience" - Bright Young Folk

"... adding lashings of Peter Gabriel stylings to the world of trad arrangements."
- The Guardian


A CD copy of Joshua Burnell's new album of orginal songs Flowers Where The Horses Sleep.

Release date: 4th September 2020


Track Listing:

Le Fay
The Ballad of Mark Jeffrey
Invisible Wings
Run With Me
Let Me Fall Down
Joan of the Greenwood
Look At Us Now
Two Stars


Recent winner of the Rising Star accolade in the 2020 Folking Awards, Joshua Burnell, is ready to uncover Flowers Where The Horses Sleep which sees him returning to original songwriting. He says: “Having dedicated the past three years to rearranging traditional material, I wanted to build on that experience to produce an album of folk songs for a modern audience.”


Recorded and mixed just before the world went into Covid-19 lockdown, the 10-track album has a pertinent theme. Says Josh: “The songs were all inspired by people, past and present and explore humankind’s remarkable ability to find beauty, even in the hardest of times.”


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Flowers Where The Horses Sleep CD

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