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The third album from the 'Seasons Project'.


Track Listing:27| Behind The Haystack28| The Maid And The Palmer29| Robin Hood & The Pedlar30| The Trees They Do Grow High31| Nobody's Jig32| Davy Lowston33| Prickle Eye Bush34| Raggle Taggle Gipsy O35| The Blacksmith36| The Mermaid's Prophecy37| Sir Bosmer In Elfland38| Bridget O Malley39| Farewell To Tarwathie


A note from Josh: Between 2016 and 2017, I released a folk song every week for a year. The songs were grouped into four albums; one inspired by each season. The 'Seasons Project' was intended as a musical sandbox for me to experiment, collaborate with other musicians, learn about folk music and develop as an arranger, recording artist and interpreter of traditional music. Fourteen favourites from the 'Seasons Project' were released as a best-of: 'Songs From The Seasons' which I was thrilled to see got some very positive national press and radio coverage, including a spin by BBC Radio 2's Mark Radcliffe. Before releasing the entire 52-song project, I wanted to make sure the music sounded as good as it could - creating one a week resulted in some hasty decisions at the time, and the songs deserved a bit more time spending on them. However, re-mixing and mastering four albums is quite a time-consuming process, even without new projects, touring, then a global pandemic! As things have started to open up, myself and the genius that is Ed Simpson have worked hard to re-mix and master one album at a time and - four years later - the songs are almost ready to see the light of day again. Many thanks to WipeOut Music Ltd. who provided funding to complete the final stages of the re-master. All 52 songs have now had the attention they deserve to present them as I first imagined. If you're one of the 100 people who joins the songs on their journey, I hope you enjoy them - they're yours now.

Seasons Vol. 3 : Summer CD

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