26.7.16 They’ve Vinylly Arrived!

26.7.16 They’ve Vinylly Arrived!
July 26, 2016 Josh Burnell
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Last Friday was a fairly big day. It was the last day of term, which means I have finished my first full year teaching at Fishergate Primary School. It was a day of mixed emotions; I was of course overjoyed to begin the summer holiday, but I did have to say goodbye to some wonderful year 6s who were my first real class. Of course there was the tearful leavers’ assembly in which the leavers sobbed their way through a speech in exchange for a highly collectable Fishergate Mug; the obligatory signing of polo shirts; certain characters trying to graffiti their names on school property in an attempt to make their mark (what they didn’t realise was we knew exactly who did it so they just got in trouble) and thankfully, enough chocolate to see me through until next July.
To diffuse some of the emotion we planned in a rigorous afternoon of games and biscuits but In the midst of all this fond-farewelling I got a message from reception telling me that five-hundred and twenty-one vinyls had just arrived into the playground. Overcome with excitement, I called an immediate halt to the children’s games – they’d have to wait – and recruited a faithful team of ten and eleven year olds to aid with the transportation. We trooped outside, armed with blue and red handled scissors and hacked our way through the cellophane that was imprisoning all nine boxes of vinyl.
Seeing Into the Green on vinyl for the first time was surreal, I must admit and I did expect to wake up at any moment. The children seemed equally as impressed, and one boy even piped up saying, “Do we get one each!?” Sorry Sam. They then immediately began reading the quantities printed on the box labels to calculate how many boxes were there altogether. They even factored that it was a double vinyl into their calculations. We have taught them well! Mostly about vinyls.
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Then began the military procedure of carrying the boxes one between two into school and out of the sun. We were doing very well until one boy dropped what Kieran had just calculated was ninety-six vinyls onto his foot. It may or may not be broken, but I have been informed that he is alive and well now. Eventually they got too tired and just laid on the floor groaning, so I figured I should just carry the rest in.
We then spent a considerable amount of the afternoon showing it to everyone in the school. I’ve been telling my class all about it for the past year to the point that they must be bored stiff of the whole thing, so it felt like it had all been building up to this: double vinyl on the last day of term!
So far nobody has noticed any typos, which is a miracle. It was also a relief, since I spend most of my life telling my class to proof read their work. What I didn’t tell them is that I forgot to check the labels at first, which meant that the first seventy-three vinyls were pressed with incorrect labels until someone in the pressing plant who I’m very grateful to spotted the mistake. I figured the best thing to do was to buy them and package them up with some extra limited edition goodies instead of them being destroyed! To be honest, they look really quite nice and they have a story behind them. However, it does mean that I have seventy-three extra vinyls to add to the boxes of vinyls, CDs, T-shirts, postcards and posters.
So now my house mostly consists of cardboard boxes.
Some people have said I am entirely insane for committing to vinyl, but I still maintain that you can’t get someone like Ted Nasmith to paint the cover and NOT get vinyls. It would be rude. Also, if I hadn’t done it now, I probably never would have!

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