The Band


Joshua Burnell | Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

After studying in York, Josh has played gigs in the York music scene for the past two years. His songwriting is heavily influenced by British folk and rock music. Josh is about to release his first solo studio album to follow up his EP, Lend An Ear.

Frances Sladen | Vocals

Having grown up in rural Essex, Frances has been immersed in English folk music since childhood and has developed a love of performing through both folk sessions and musical theatre.

Antonio Curiale | Fiddle

Antonio has been actively touring Europe in folk bands since 1992. As a native of Sicily, his playing is influenced by Mediterranean folk music.

Matthew Mefford | Upright & Electric Bass

Originally based in Texas, Matthew has been touring professionally for the past seven years, most notably as the bassist of Milk Drive.

Nathan Greaves | Electric Guitar

Nathan has known Josh since early childhood, and has collaborated on numerous projects with him over the past few years as both a musician and studio engineer. Nathan played bass and electric guitar on the upcoming album, Into the Green.

Ben Burnell | Guitar

After living in the French Alps for a number of years, Ben has recently moved to York to join the band. Ben and Josh played and wrote music together whilst growing up, so it is good to have Ben back on the stage playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and banjo – not all at the same time, although we hope he is working on this.